What are the negative effects of new technology on children?

As technology can be used by anyone, it can be used by older people as well as children. As you have the means to provide technology to your child, it is important that you are aware of these negative effects on your children. For your convenience, this article will explain some of these negative effects on children.

The lack of privacy

Since everyone is allowed to use technology, choosing to use it for your children negatively affects them in many ways. If you expose your children to the daily use of technology, they cannot have a private life.
Since privacy plays a crucial role in your child’s development and growth process, it is important that they have privacy. However, with social networking sites where children can converse, all information about them is publicly available.

It destroys the social bond

For your child to grow up learning more about the different emotions of life and the right habits in society, they should have fun with their peers. However, technology is not the best solution for social bonding.
After all, as children are tied to technological screens every day, they no longer have time to play with other children of the same age. So exposing your children to technology destroys their ability to socialize, which should come first.

The loss of their sense of reality

In addition to the destruction of social bonds and lack of privacy, both of which have negative effects of technology on your children, we also have the loss of their sense of reality. It is important to stay in reality while keeping your feet on the ground.
On social networks, a child who is already shy or reserved can create an account that takes into account their dreams without considering reality.

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